An Advise, Bayantel-Davao DSL Service Broken Commitments

When we evaluate DSL service providers here in Davao City almost 6 months ago, we thought the Bayantel is the most reliable DSL service provider in the region. We are WRONG! If you are starting a business here that requires reliable internet service; on our experience, never trust Bayantel-Davao’s DSL service. Our 6,000.00 pesos business account was never worth the value we are paying for. The 6,000.00 pesos DSL + Phone subscription, but a phone unit without Hands-Free button.

We are in the business that extensively use the internet not just for browsing pages. Our systems and operation need reliable connections that stays connection if not always, at least 80%. A session lost takes a lot of time to reestablished. We conduct remote administration for our servers on Denmark. All of our projects’ source codes and builds are being hosted by a commercial subversion provider CVSDude which stationed their FTP servers in Australia. We have systems that runs background processing that when disconnected needs to be restarted.

It really feel frustrating, angry, we are almost cursing Bayantel in the office most of the times. We will blow out their building (pun intended). We tried calling them several times. They will come here with their technicians but there are no problems when they are around. I just printed a lot of screen shots so I can show them how their service sucks. The problem I think is their infrastructure, so I don’t want to call them anymore just to get angry, frustrated and shout at the pity call center agent.

It was pretty funny one time we even consider just having an allowance for ChowKing or  some coffee shops here with good internet connection so I can update the servers and execute some long running processes.

Btw FYI, Bayantel had several city-wide downtime in previous months. Yes city-wide! You cannot send remittance money in LBC or Cebuana. You cannot even buy plane ticket at Cebu-Pacific ticketing offices in several malls!

Very very unreliable service really! Not for long, we’ll just set this crappy provider aside as backup line. Soon Bayantel, you’ll just be a pity back-up line. In years I would not be surprise if you became a wire-less landline phone leader LOL. Soon…

38 thoughts on “An Advise, Bayantel-Davao DSL Service Broken Commitments”

  1. hi sir rodel, i am currently on pldt dsl plan 2 but
    palagi tlga sya ma disconnect. im losign my sanity because i pay a lot as in with 700 pesos for a telephone i dont want/use.
    i thought bayantel was ok i was really on the verge of transferring to them but i read this article.
    have u tried pldt? i think its worse. horrible. they employ the dumbest ppl in the universe na may hawak pang papel kasi nde memorize ang config.

  2. Sir, has your problem with your Bayantel connection been resolved already? Though residential ang account ko but my plan is 1.5MB. Frustrating, 3 weeks nang intermittent ang connection ko. Then ngayon, bumaba ang speed ko, I got 40kbps below on several instances. Layo naman sa 1.5MB na subscribed speed ko :(

  3. tang ina na bayantel walang kwenta ka bago bago ko palang putang ina!!! tang ina ngayon ko lang to nakita putang ina nila PUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  4. dc dc ang hina pa took 31ms bago maka send ng bytes ng putang ina yan!!! 1 minuto lang or less dc na putang ina !! mga gago!!! WAG KAYO MAG SUBSCRIBE SA BAYANTEL pang TELEPHONE LANG YAN walang KWENTA PUTA BOBO TANGA

  5. hay naku, di ko na alam kung ano talaga ang best internet provider. im using PLDT DSL. tang ina, their connection sucks. ang bobo pa ng mga customer reps nila.nakaka bad trip. does anybody know kung ano talaga ang best internet provider dito sa davao?

  6. putang ina yang connection ng bayantel dsl! lahat ng tech support mga bobo. walang ibang alam kundi e reset ang modem. ginagago nyo ata mga subscribers nyo! MAGSARA NA KAYO KUNG HINDI NYO KAYA E HANDLE ANG PROBLEMA NG LINYA NYO! MGA BWISIT!


  8. thank you for this information.i am planning to get a broadband and seeking bayantels info.but, i guess i wont pursue it anymore.thank you….



  10. Davao PLDT is really worst because were paying 8k a month at kahit direct mo pa sa modem yung isang PC mo ang bagal parin. almost 3 weeks na kami na ganito. My suggestion ba kayong good provider dito sa Davao?

  11. puta kung ganyan! buti nalang at nabasa ko ito… kasi naka globe na ako at 1Mbps for 1 year na ata, at one tym may kumatok sa pinto at nagbigay ng promo daw na kung maglipat ng service makaka less pa kami, ang kulit nung lalaki at muntik pa akong mapa oo sa deal nya… anyways, di ako nagpadala kahit pinupwersa na nya dito nga pala kami sa elrio davao at ok naman ang globe sa akin…

  12. tang inang bayantel 1000x DC ng DC, mga pota, leche, bwiset, gago, mga pota.. walang kwentang serbisyo!! BULOK!!! ayusing niyo trabaho niyo mga ****.

  13. Talk about violent reactions… Lol

    Thanks, this is really an interesting post.

    I’ve been browsing the net for days now before I get decided on what ISP I’ll change smartbro with.

    I’ve tried Globebroadband and it sucks. I came to the point that I had to go to their branch in NCCCMall to give them a piece of what they were giving me. The most frustrating, I pay for the shit. (As in nangaway jud ko!)

    Now, SmartBro.. and took more than the lock in period because the account was not under my name. The connection, is sooo unreliable. Like, now you’re connected.. the next minute you’r not. It does a bit of running and then it crawls most of the way.

    When I read through the feedbacks- PLDT also sucks and so does their customer support, SkyBroadband has all those hidden fees..

    At least I can now cross bayantel out from my list.

    So sad lng that we are living in an Internet Age pero you still have to do all the legwork to get more info… and to think I am searching for an “ISP” grabeh..

    ANyways, atleast all the venting here helped a lot of people searching for the best ISP in Davao.. including me.

    Salamat ug madayaw! :)

  14. So guys, what isp provider ang pinakamaayos if not the best, if all providers have negative comments.. Masira na ulo ko kaka search online..

  15. I would like to ask what is the best Internet connection in Buhangin, Davao City? Globe Broadband ang gamit ko ngayon pero mawala wala ang connection ko kahit umuulan or hindi.. ok xa at first pero later on mawala wala talaga..

  16. hello there! thanks for all the infos…like most of the people here, im also searching for the best, if not, at least reliable server in davao. i’m planning to go back there nxt mo. and i need to have an internet access at home. most of my friends use smartbro. does anybody think its better than pldt or bayantel? thanks much…

  17. halo..share naman nyo kung ano nga ang mas maganda na connection? i am from davaocity. do i have to use smartbro or dsl pldt/bayantel?

  18. halo rodel …
    good day!
    i have read your column then what is the better of best internet provider?
    i am planning to have a connection with pldt dsl but as i scan through the internet, same issue arises.
    can you shed light? thanks

  19. mas maganda pa ata ang sun broadband.. konti lang kasi ang mga users nila.. gusto ko ng lumipat ng ibang isp, ang hina ng bayandsl d2 sa amin. pota!!! wag na kayong mag bayandsl kasi habang tumatagal lalong humihina..

  20. globe broadband and smart broadband is not a reliable internet connection so normal lang yan na ma dc dc always. i am working online and i have 2 coworkers who have globe internet connection and they are always absent, lol! putol putol kasi talaga. I am using Bayantel. Nung una ngkaproblema ako after nung bagyo putol putol net at may time na di tlaga nakakaconnect. after the tech went out and checked it, na ok na siya. more than a year na tong connection ko and di pa ako naging absent sa work dahil nawala internet ko. yung friend ko dati ngputol putol din ang net, bayantel. when the tech went out to check the lines, may naghukay daw nung kable at may ninakaw kaya naapektuhan yun line niya. after that ok na wala na probs. most of the time kasi sa cable connection ang problema. baka may sira kaya apektado ang connection. ok nmn ang bayantel. ang hindi lng ok kc halos 6 months na di ko natatanggap ang bill ko!!!!!

  21. best ISP provider in davao? hmm

    depende po sa area mga bossing, may area na mahina ang connection, may area din mabilis…

    d2 sa bahay namin, globe broadband gamit namin.. xa nga pala cabantian area ako.. 6 yrs na yata tong connection namin, once a year lng may problema, then na reresolved din kaagad after 1-2days.. speed – 1mbps / 1k a month – ok na for surfing,… downloading – up to 130kb/s , online games – no problem din.

    gus2 ko sana mag change nang mas mabilis at reliable kaya napunta ako d2…hehe pero halos lahat ng nababasa ko e reklamo..hehe

  22. As a former tech support ng ISP. depende po tlga sa area yan. mas mabuti bago kayo magpakabit tanungin nyo kung gaano ka layo yung Distribution point nla at cabinet galing sa bahay nyo at ilang meters din.kasi pag lalo malayo mas hihina tlga ang connection nyo. wag naman kayo sisi agad sa ISP. tama naman na nag provide cla ng quality service e yun nga lang ang bandwidth dito sa ating ay binebenta hindi binibigay katulad ng ibang countries. lahat ng lines dito sa pinas ay connected yan lahat sa PLDT. at yung PLDT naman naka connect naman sa international ISP din. so yun. bago kayo mag mura mag search muna. hindi porke d kau technical user. d naman po excuse ang mag research muna. sa ngaun magpakabit ako ng bayan dsl dito sa NHA bangkal. why? kasi bago pa kanilang DP at yung cabinet malapit lng sa bahay less than 100 meters lang. so sure ako na maganda line ko. =) at kng magpapa install kayo make sure na bago lahat linya nyo. ma outdoor or indoor lining man yan. total nagbabayad naman kayo ng installation fee sulitin nyo na yan. sa mga wired connection naman ang kadalasan mangyayari nyan habang tumatagal nag dedegrade yung drop wire na ni linya nla sa inyo. kaya make sure tlga na bago lahat. yun lng. =)

  23. hi.sir….good evening po..pwde po bang pake ayos yong conection dito kase bgla lang nawala PLzz pake ayos na man… ..

  24. i used sun broadband here in davao and even in manila so far mabilis naman wala akong problema…na ddc man pero u need to power cycle or tanggaling ung broadband stick and then connect ulit…wala namang problema….it will connect easily nman.

  25. Sir, Ma ask ko lang how’s bayantel this 2015 so far? I’m from maa, Ok na ba mag subscribe ng bayantel ngayon? Saw your post its way back 2007 pa.

    1. H! Kaka.kabit lang ng bayantel ko dito sa area ko today, Jacinto. and 3mbps ko pag nag speed test pinaka mataas eh 2mbps lang. taz minsan di aabot ng 1mbps haha ewan ko. nakaktakot baka mag sisi ako.

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